Genseishin Justirisers (幻星神ジャスティライザーGenseishin Jasutiraizā translated as Mythical Star God

The Genseishin Justirisers

) is a 2004 to 2005 tokusatsu superhero TV series produced by Toho company Ltd. This series is the second one in Toho's Seishin (Star God) series. The series was continued by Sazer X.


The series revolves around three humans named Shouta Date, Yuka Sanada and Shinya Hiraga who one day finds themself as the new heroes of the planet Earth.

Long ago, an alien from Azure Planet named Nolun was battling an evil lord named Kaiser Hades. After a long fight between good and evil, Nolun's army won and Kaiser Hades was sealed somewhere in Earth.

After so many years, Kaiser Hades returnes with his partner named Dr. Zora. Both of them decides to conquer Earth and sends monsters such as the Zakoal, Cyber Knights and his large monsters named the Space Beasts to attack Earth. Seeing this, Nolun gives part of her powers to Shouta, Yuka and Shinya so they can transform and become the Justirisers! Armed with special powers and the Genseishin and supported by Mio, Reika and many other humans, the Justirisers are on the mission to defeat Kaiser Hades and his army.

Characters and CastEdit

  • Isaka Tatsuya as Shouta Date/ Riser Glen
  • Kanzaki Shiori as Yuka Sanada/ Riser Kageri
  • Isaka Shunya as Shinya Hiraga/ Riser Gant
  • Hiromi Eguchi as Mio Tendo
  • Eri Ozawa as Reika Motomiya
  • Kazuki Namioka as Shiro Jinno/ Demon Knight


Opening theme
  • "Genseishin Justirisers" (幻星神 ジャスティライザーGenseishin Jasutiraizā?)
    • Lyrics & Composition: Kenji Kojima (Dual Dream)
    • Arrangement: Takehito Shimizu
    • Artist: Mitsuo Nakajima
Ending themes
  • "Sky"
    • Lyrics: rom△ntic high
    • Composition & Arrangement: monk
    • Chorus Arrangement: Yas Kitajima
    • Artist: SweetS
  • "Rettō Party Night" (列島パーティ騎士(ナイト)Rettō Pāti Naito?)
    • Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement, & Performance: HAV
  • "Kotoba ni Dekinai Omoi" (コトバにできない想い?, "Thinking that Cannot be put in Words")
    • Lyrics: MIZUE
    • Composition: Water
    • Arrangement: Takaomi Kondo
    • Artist: Water
Insert songs
  • "Mittsu no Chikara" (3つのチカラ?, "Three Powers")
    • Lyrics, Composition, & Performance: Koji Kojima
    • Arrangement: Takehito Shimizu
  • "Justipower ~Seigi no Tsurigi~" (ジャスティパワー ~正義の剣~Jasutipawā ~Seigi no Tsurugi~?, Justipower ~Sword of Justice~)
    • Lyrics, Composition, & Performance: Mitsuo Nakajima