Mio Tendo
Mio Tendo


Mio Tendo

Name Romaji





Visiting Tendou temple



First Appearance

Episode 1: Appearance! Genseijuu Riseross


Hiromi Eguchi

Mio Tendo is one of the main characters of the series.


Mio is a 20 year old woman who is part of the wealthy Tendou family. She is kind hearted and likes to come and visit the Tendou Temple. After getting involved with the Justirisers, she started reading historical books that are related to the fight between Nolun and Kaiser Hades. She used to live in Hoshigami island, but moved to Tokyo as she wanted to help the Justirisers. She has shown to be respectful towards elder people like Gentarou.

In one episode, she told Shinya that her parents died in a plane crash.

Later in the series, Mio falls in love with Shinya.

Due to her being from a wealthy family, she is inexperienced in daily chores like cooking and baking cookies. Because of this, her family has made Reika Motomiya her bodyguard and assistant. With the help of Reika, Mio is learning the first steps of household chores.

Usually, Reika will be there to save her from Zakoal's attack. But despite that, Mio is an excellent archer. She has her own arching suit. The JustiCrystal is a very powerful necklace. Its power helps Shouta become Riser-Shirogane, although the JustiCrystal's power exhausts her body. Mio is very kind hearted.


  • It seems that Mio has a more romantic side when it comes to her relationship with Shinya.


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