Reika Motomiya
Reika Motomiya


Reika Motomiya

Name Romaji







Mio's Bodyguard


Speding time with Mio


Crest Riser Stone

First Appearance

Episode 1: Appearance! Genseijuu Riseross


Eri Ozawa

Reika Motomiya is one of the main characters of the series.


Reika is a 25 years old woman who is the bodyguard and assistant of Mio Tendo. She values Mio more than her own life. She is a bold, fearless women who also acts as a mentor towards Mio. She was said to assist Mio in household works and protect her from danger by Mio's family. She takes her duty much more serious and is willing to fight the Zakoal army if the team need her help. Reika falls in love with Shiro Jinno later in the series.

She seems to be pretty good at most ofthe household chores like cooking, baking etc. She also assists Gentarou in his shop. When fighting the Zakoal army, Reika fights with a staff that she always carries with her or anything she sees like wodden logs or clubs. If that fails, she will fight hand-to-hand and is shown to be good at it.


At first, Reika was disappointed at the fact that she is the only one in the team who doesn't have any powers. Seeing this, Jinno gave her the Crest Riser Stone, a ring that hold some part of the Justi-Power that is stored inside the Justi-Crystal. But later, she lost it in a fight with the Zakoal army.


  • Reika has shown to have gotten her driver's lisence and owns a car for herself.
  • Although she denies it, it is pretty obviouse to everyone else that she is in love with Jinno.


  1. Justiriser Episode 46(4)

    Reika helps Jinno

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