Sun /Sky is the first ending theme of the series. It was featured from episode 1 to 13 and then was replaced by Archipelago Party Knight.


Japanese LyricsEdit

Sun... Hizashi ni hashaidari

Cloud... Blue ni shizundari

Rain... Wake nanka nai no ni nakeru toki mo...

Moon... Tsuki ni YUME o egaki

Stars... Hoshi ni negai o kake

Sky... Itsumo mitsumete kureru sonna basho o

Naze ka ki zukeba hora

Miageru koto sae mo wasurete iru

Doko made mo hirogaru ao mugen no sekai

Shinjite ita bokura no ano kisetsu zutto

Nanika naku shite shimatta no? Modorenai kana?

Chigau ima mo kono kokoro no naka kitto aru.

English LyricsEdit

Sun... The sunlight frolics

Cloud... Sunk in the blue

Rain.. Even though there's no reason, it's a time to cry...

Moon... Carving my dreams on the moon

Stars... Make a wish on the stars

Sky... That place is always watching over me

For some reason I notice it

I had forgotten to even look up

How vast is that blueness? That endless world

We believed in that season. Always

Have we lost something? Can we restore it?

Even in this changed moment, it's still surely in our hearts.

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